Blue Solar Water

Now it's easy and convenient to make it anywhere with Blue Sun Water solar filters!

veryone's talking about the spiritual benefits of blue solar water. There are many websites and videos that teach you how to make blue solar water using a blue glass bottle. Now there's a way to make blue solar water using any clear bottle, glass, or jar. It's never been easier, less expensive, or more convenient to make blue solar water!

Take an ordinary clear quart size bottle, glass, or jar* (either new or refilled with tap water) and wrap it in a Blue Sun Water solar filter, then put it in the sun for at least one hour. The Blue Sun Water solar filters are specially constructed with clear blue solar material which contains hundreds of blue solar cells. These blue solar cells absorb and retain more of the sun's rays, resulting in the most powerful blue solar water.

How it works: Blue solar water is an ancient elixir which has been recently rediscovered. It is used in the ho'oponopono process as a powerful aid to spiritual cleaning and clearing.

Two of the greatest gifts from the Divine are water and sunlight. Water is the basis of all life, and sunlight is the energy that supports and nourishes all life. The combination of water and sunlight makes it possible for plants to grow, and the plants in turn provide food for animals and humans.

As you no doubt learned in school, sunlight is made up of all the colors in the spectrum. The Blue Sun Water solar filter absorbs the harsh reds and yellows of the sun's rays, leaving only the marvelous blue colored light to permeate the water in the bottle. Blue represents peace, happiness, and power, and actually causes the water in the bottle to take on these characteristics. As you drink blue solar water as part of the ho'oponopono process, you will feel the peace, happiness, and power too, always repeating the four phrases "I'm sorry. Please forgive me. Thank you, and I love you".

blue solar waterblue solar water

Blue Sun Water solar filters are very convenient for travel, because you only need to take a lightweight filter with you rather than a heavy, breakable glass bottle. You can buy the bottled water anywhere you go, use the Blue Sun Water filter to make the blue solar water, and then discard or recycle the empty bottle when you're done. You can also make blue solar water at home, then take the bottle of water to your favorite sporting event, your job, a picnic, or anywhere else you can take bottled water.

Blue solar water should not be guzzled like cheap beer. When you drink your blue solar water, feel the love and power quenching your entire body, mind, and spirit. Be grateful for this marvelous gift from the Divine. Drink a lot of blue solar water every day. Use it to make coffee and tea or any beverage that uses water as a mixer. Splash it on your body after a bath or shower. You can even put blue solar water in a spray bottle and use it to help you clean on any object you wish. Have fun with blue solar water and enjoy the blessing.

Your Blue Sun Water kit includes three sheets of blue solar material (which is very durable and will last a lifetime) perfectly sized for quart water bottles, and instructions for use, along with suggestions for the many uses of blue solar water. Order your Blue Sun Water kit today and begin enjoying the wonderful benefits of this marvelous and powerful gift from the Universe.

To order Blue Sun Water solar filters, just click on the button below and select your desired quantity. A set of 3 is just $5.99 plus shipping. You can save by ordering 6 for $9.99 or 12 for $14.99. No matter how many you order, shipping is just $5.75. You can use either a credit card or Paypal, and you will receive a receipt for your purchase by email. Your Blue Sun Water solar filters will be shipped by Priority Mail, so you can begin to enjoy the spiritual benefits of blue solar water in just a few days!

*We recommend glass bottles rather than plastic, but either can be used. For information about the safety of plastic bottles, see Safety of Plastic Beverage Bottles, or Myths About Plastic Beverage Bottles and also Plastic Beverage Bottle FAQs

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